The Dale Carnegie Principles

Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence.
–Bernard Montgomery

Demonstrate Leadership

  1. Begin With Praise And Honest Appreciation.
    When we acknowledge the value a person has to our organization, we establish a positive tone for open communication.
  2. Call Attention To People’s Mistakes Indirectly.
    This creates an environment that keeps associates from becoming defensive.
  3. Talk about Your Own Mistakes Before Criticizing The Other Person.
    This concept eliminates barriers and helps others to be more open to our coaching.
  4. Ask Questions Instead Of Giving Direct Orders.
    This allows the individual to take increasing ownership of both the problem and potential solutions.
  5. Let The Other Person Save Face.
    Our goal is to deal with the inappropriate behavior and still maintain the dignity of the associate.
  6. Praise The Slightest Improvement And Praise Every Improvement. Be “Hearty In Your Approbation And Lavish In Your Praise.”
    There is no better way to increase the productivity, efficiency, and commitment of others than praise. We must notice and give recognition to our colleagues.
  7. Give The Other Person A Fine Reputation To Live Up To.
    When we set high expectations, we help other achieve their full potential.
  8. Use Encouragement. Make The Fault Seem Easy To Correct.
    By expressing our belief in the other person’s ability to correct the fault, we give him or her confidence to improve their performance.
  9. Make The Other Person Happy About Doing The Thing You Suggest.
    by encouraging a person’s desire to improve performance, we can help develop the attitudes and behaviors that are most productive.

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