Top 6 Reasons Not To Cold Call

In our one-day cold calling sessions, we often meet with individuals who are, shall we say, reluctant to pick up the phone and introduce themselves to new prospects.

I can appreciate this feeling. Today’s business environment encourages relationship marketing, not interruption marketing. To sales people that are aware of this shift, picking up the phone and dialing someone out of the blue is not a palatable proposition. Not only are their numerous technological barriers to overcome, but our prospect’s mindset is definitely positioned to avoid most unnecessary interruptions. The good sales person will view making cold calls to unqualified and unknown prospects as not the best investment of their time.

However, cold calling has never really been a thrilling activity for the majority of sales people. In fact, there has always been a sense of dread associated with picking up the phone and calling an unknown person, just like it is today. One major reason is that the sales person doesn’t know why they are calling on the prospect other than they need to make a sale. Imagine opening a call with, “Hey there buddy, I know absolutely nothing about your business or what you do. I’m just calling to sell you some of my stuff”.

Who wouldn’t dread making a self-serving cold call like that?

While the statement made in the call may be somewhat true at its core, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you don’t dress it up, they are going to hang up.

In our sales programs, both the short forms and the extended programs, we regularly poll sales people to get their reasons why they don’t like cold calling. No one ever says, “Because I don’t like interrupting people during their day so I can sell my stuff”, which is essentially what we are doing. But they do come up with some rather creative reasons for avoiding making outbound dials.

Here are the top 6 reasons not to make cold calls sales people have told us in our programs and some responses. Enjoy.

  1. It’s Just Easier To Wait For The Phone To Ring.
  2. They May Hang Up The Phone. That Will Crush Me.
  3. They Always Say “No Thanks”, “We’re All Set”, or “We Don’t Need It”.
  4. I Don’t Know These People And My Mother Always Told Me Never To Talk To Strangers.
  5. I’m Sick Of Hearing About Cold Calling. Why Doesn’t My Boss Just Go Away, And Take His Tracking Sheet With Him?
  6. If You Saw My Success Ratio, You Wouldn’t Cold Call Either.

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