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Sales people are often called upon to communicate with clients either in a one-on-one setting or in a group setting, addressing new leads or speaking with established clients. They often are in a position of giving presentations and selling ideas that will solve their client’s problems.


Marketing people create all kinds of content for their audience. Of late, video presentations have been the staple on the web. Marketing people, as well as sales people, are finding that they are creating and addressing a much wider audience over the Internet to sell their products, services, and ideas, meaning they are in front of a camera creating and producing visual and video presentations.

Customer Support

Customer Support and Technical Support have always been at the front lines of all post sales activity. Their activity, especially how their communication with your client or customer, determines if a customer or client will purchase additional products and services, become a raving fan, or shop the market for a new vendor. Your support team needs to be able to communicate with your clients effectively and efficiently.

Department Managers

Department managers set the tone and direction for their group. They are often called upon to deliver presentations to the corporate team leaders, interface with clients, speak with vendors, and often to communicate direction and guidance to their own team.

Executive Team

As a member of the executive team, you know you are called upon to deliver presentations to the entire company, to the board of directors, and to shareholders. Sometimes you are called upon to address tough situations and deal with tough audiences. How your message is received depends not only on how the message is worded, but also on the media used and how your message is delivered.

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