Dale Carnegie Training® Accelerates Careers through Public Speaking

Self Confidence

It takes confidence to deliver an effective message and win over an audience. And self-confidence is born out of practice, self-knowledge, and skill development. In this program, you will get the opportunity to practice delivering your message in front of a small group as well as in front of a camera, and you will get feedback, coaching and direction from the instructor to help you push your skills and abilities to their limits. So when you stand in front of that audience, you know what you are truly capable of achieving.

Communication Skills

It’s all about the message. Learn what goes into a well-crafted message, how to read an audience, and how to create a message that resonates with the people you are addressing.

Public Speaking Skills

Learn techniques for mastering the art of public speaking. Overcome fears associated in speaking in front of any size group and come away with the confidence to deliver a meaningful message with clarity and impact.

Presentation Skills

It’s not just what you communicate in your message, but also how you communicate it. How you look, what you do, and how you say your message will affect how well your audience receives it. In this program, you will learn to manage yourself and your environment to create a favorable experience for the people you are addressing and insure that your message is heard and received.

Persuasion Skills

Look in any sales book, ask any sales trainer, and you find the same message: We are all in sales. We communicate to convey our ideas and we communicate to persuade others to our way of thinking. In this program, we will review several methods, strategies, and tactics to win your audience to your way of thinking. Remember, we are always selling our ideas.

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