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The High Impact Presentations Program

Public Speaking Has Moved Online

If you thought public speaking was only for preachers and politicians, it’s time to take another look!

In today’s sales environment where your online presence can be a deal maker and marketers are constantly looking for ways to create an impactful global image, your ability to present your ideas in front of a group as well as through online channels has become a powerful factor. Marketers and salespeople are spending less time physically standing in front of their client’s executive team and more time creating online video content for YouTube, presenting their ideas through webinars, and conducting the sales process with their clients through Google Hangouts.

However, in spite of the new digital channels that have become ubiquitous, a person’s ability to communicate effectively continues to be rooted in their public speaking skills.

I’m not saying that knowing how to use these online tools isn’t important, because it is. Knowing the limitations, the benefits, and the operation of these applications are necessary conditions for conducting successful product launches, marketing campaigns and sales meetings.

However, having your YouTube video go viral online won’t do your brand a bit of good if the presentation fails to get your audience’s attention within the first few seconds.

Performing a webinar for 1,000 people will harm your image if your presentation meanders for 30 minutes.

Conducting a panel discussion through will devastate you if your conversation is with a boisterous person who suddenly takes control of your session.

Your skills as a speaker will help you maintain control and enhance your message, whether your medium of choice be a classroom setting, a Google Hangouts session, or a broadcasted YouTube video.

And those skills, along with the power, confidence, and passion to communicate effectively, can be developed and enhanced through practice, coaching and feedback.

Enhance Your Presentation Skills with the High Impact Presentations Program

In our 2-day High Impact Presentations (HIP) program, we put individuals in front of an audience and a video camera. We give them the feedback that they need to enhance their performance. And we give them the coaching they need to sharpen their abilities.

As an HIP participant, you will learn methods for planning and delivering effective presentations, how to control a question and answer session with an audience, and a variety of ways to respond effectively in impromptu situations. Each participant’s presentation is recorded digitally and they get an opportunity to review their presentations with a personal coach after delivery.

So ask yourself, “What if…?”

What if you could create a PowerPoint presentation that actually enhanced your message and kept your audience’s attention in your next online webinar?

What if you could deliver a product demonstration that captured the attention of your target market through a YouTube video?

What if your next sales presentation was made to all of the key decision makers of a national company simultaneously through Google Hangouts or Skype, cutting the time and financial costs to your company and reducing scheduling headaches for your client?

What if you could sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because your enhanced skills were used to create a compelling video sales presentation that stood out against the myriad of other video presentations online?

All of this is possible, and it starts with our 2-day High Impact Presentation program.

Contents of the High Impact Presentations Program

In this two day, sixteen-hour advanced presentation lab, you will:

  • Use 5 methods for opening a presentation.
  • Learn 4 reasons for delivering a presentation.
  • Use 7 different forms of evidence to support your presentation.
  • Learn 5 methods for closing a presentation.
  • Learn 3 tactics to conducting a question and answer session that will keep your audience engaged while maintaining control of your time.
  • Develop flexibility and passion when delivering a presentation to your audience.
  • Learn a 3-step strategy for persuading an audience to act on your call to action.
  • Learn how to control the environment to direct your audience’s attention where you need it.
  • Learn how to control your audience’s perceptions through your own behaviors and actions.

For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie Training has been synonymous with public speaking. And while our training methodology has been targeted towards coaching individuals to peak self-performance and enhanced interpersonal communication, we will continue to lead the field in the arena of public speaking, both offline as well as online.

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